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Introducing... Nabster

The Holy Grail Of Online Piracy Detection

Skippack, PA -- The PAN Network, birthplace of online digital audio, is proud to announce the release of Nabster for detection, deterrence, and compliance monitoring of online piracy.

Based on PAN's patent-pending DIF anti-piracy technology, Nabster handles ALL types of digital media files with ease, including digital audio, digital video, images, rich text, and even self-extracting EXE files commonly used to distribute games and other copyrighted software products.

Nabster is easily installed on any web site, and contains an alternative system for the transmission and delivery of digital media files that does not require the use of any other 3rd party software or licenses.

The underlying DIF technology operates by infusing a digital fingerprint or "barcode" into a file as it is being transmitted on-the-fly and delivered to the end user. It is a true fingerprint, in the most literal sense. It is extremely small and virtually undetectable except by the DIF system itself as it scans the internet searching for unauthorized copies of files containing DIF fingerprints. These fingerprints contain a forensic link to the identity of each individual who legally downloads a media file from a site where Nabster is installed. The privacy of each individual is fully maintained unless and until a file they legally downloaded subsequently appears on an unauthorized website or P2P network. Just as a human fingerprint is of no consequence unless and until someone commits a crime, the same is true of a DIF digital fingerprint.

Nabster therefore "personalizes" every media file it delivers. And because Nabster is neither a watermarking nor a copy-protection system, it is actually compatible with many if not most other DRM solutions presently in use. When used in tandem with another DRM system, Nabster can thus provide a dual layer of additional protection to copyrighted digital media.

Nabster can also be used to detect HTTP pirates who can enter a site disguised as innocent web-crawling spiders or robots, and which then steal all the content from a server in seconds without ever being noticed. Nabster can alert the web administrator in real-time as an attack is underway, and the pirate's IP address can then be immediately blocked from further access.

Nabster users have the option of linking to a centralized clearinghouse that serves to assign and distribute unique host ID numbers to maintain the order, integrity and uniqueness of DIF data. The service also provides daily automated backup, archiving, and disaster-recovery of archived DIF data.

Established in 1981 as the world's first online service for the music industry, The PAN Network is the birthplace of online digital audio, as well as many other important innovations in widespread use on the internet.

For further information, or to download an evaluation copy of Nabster, please visit