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From acoustic guitar to electric guitar to synthesizer guitar, from ballads to hard rock, electronica to unplugged, Tommy has covered a lot of material.

Born and raised in Southern California, his influences are local. Traveled around the world, his experiences are global. England, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, on one hand, and El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Jamaica on the other. From First World to Third World. To say that this has had an influence on his songs, his lyric, and his approach to life is understatement.

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The Internet has served as a melting pot of unprecedented proportions, bringing together people who could never before instantly communicate with each other. On the Internet, Tommy has found a home for a diverse collection of his music.

Photo: Tommy playing at The Coffee Gallery Backstage, in Altadena, California

"Acoustic Guitar" is a collection of mostly instrumental acoustic guitar work, with many transcending, meditational passages interspersed with strong, rhythmic structures that remind of Spain. Others in the collection carry you from Spain and into a journey, as if on the ocean, towards a New Land.

In 1998, Tommy and his band "Only Sleeping" performed a driving rock band set of music, and created a live EP by the same name "Only Sleeping, Live from La Mirada". Recorded in a typical Southern California industrial city, on a hot, smoggy, summer day, before a live audience, the album has a raw, direct, and "in your face" attitude. For the CD, Tommy has included bonus studio-recorded tracks that were part of the Only Sleeping repertoire, but not on the original EP. "Only Sleeping" was conceived to bring music with a message, and each piece of music has a message in the lyric about life in Los Angeles and the agents of change that could transform its ordinary ways.

Tommy has had a diverse spiritual journey, and continues to discover more. These days those spiritual influences are more subtly woven into his work. Growing up in a Catholic household exposes one to a host of mystic, religious images, and a rigid behavioral structure. Through friends and social circles, Tommy compared his upbringing with others. Many ways were tried, and for a time, from 1987 through 1997, Tommy formed and led Christian worship music groups, and wrote songs for that venue, performed at live worship services in churches in Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena, California. Those songs are found on a recent pair of CD's, "Holy Fire" and "The VMG Sessions". Almost exclusively performing in churches from 1994 through 1997, these collections represent a distillation of Christian influences during that time, including the swept up experiences of the 1994-96 "Toronto Renewal" and the "Brownsville, Florida Revival". Out of these experiences, Tommy continues to write to a broader audience.

Tommy ventures into electronic music with his Roland electric guitar synthesizer, and an array of classic synthesizer sounds in his electronica project, "Circle Moon". In "Circle Moon", Tommy paints electronic images featuring all synthesized instruments, from persussion and drums, to strings and horns, set against a Roland electric guitar synthesizer. Some titles touch on the local Los Angeles influence, Tommy' native city, as "Rampart - Thin Blue Line", a reference and dedication to the corruption and controversy in the LAPD division, and "Barrio - East LA", with its pushing, low-rider beat, you could imagine overhearing all over an East Los Angeles "barrio" in a sweltering August summer heat.

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Tommy is currently writing and recording new material, and beginning to perform it out in coffeehouse venues in the Southern California area. Look for early recorded tracks online.

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